NEW ORLEANS – The total number of shooting incidents and murders in New Orleans in the last month are down.

According to Eyewitness News Crime Analyst Jeff Asher, over the last 30 days New Orleans has seen 35 shooting victims, which is the fewest since May 2016.

“Most people think summer, more gun violence in New Orleans, in reality August is usually pretty slow,” Asher said.

One number that has gone up is the number of murder cases solved by NOPD.

“They are at about 32/33 percent of 2017 murders that have been cleared by an arrest. That's up they were around 20 percent at the beginning of the year. So that's a positive sign,” Asher said.

Asher says if NOPD has less on its plate, it is easier to solve cases it has.

“So if you are dealing with nine murders and not 20 murders in 30 days then it makes it a lot easier to solve a lot more of those murders ‘cause you aren't having to work as many cases,” Asher said.

If the cases get solved, violent criminals go to jail, which can make a potential violent criminal think twice.

“A lot of the research out there, one of the only things that law enforcement can really do to affect violence is working to clear murders to put that deterrent out there,” Asher said.

Even though crime is down for the past month, it is not down over the past year.

“45 over the year, 30 percent more shooting victims, 20 percent more shooting victims, and 8 percent more murders than last year,” Asher said.