NEW ORLEANS – For the first time since his indictment last week, Irvin Mayfield was questioned about the charges.

In the nearly three years since Eyewitness News first exposed Mayfield for taking more than $1 million from the Public Library Foundation, the trumpeter has refused to answer questions.

He left out of the back of a book signing, went out a side door at a show at a club, ignored questions at Jazz Fest and now that he has been indicted Eyewitness News approached him again on Tuesday. He is charged with conspiracy, money laundering, fraud and obstruction of justice, and pocketing the library donations.

“Do you have any comment on the indictment?” Eyewitness News Investigative Reporter David Hammer asked.

Mayfield qualified for a public defender even though he just sold his house for over half a million dollars and drives a Range Rover.

Mayfield is headlining his first show on Tuesday night since the indictment at the Little Gem Saloon. Mayfield is playing four shows at the downtown club this week to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Little Gem owner Nick Bazan said he never considered canceling the shows and is standing by his friend Mayfield.

“What he did is obviously not right, but I'm just playing music here,” Bazan said.