NEW ORLEANS – Last week the Landrieu administration fired the original contractor in charge of cleaning out catch basins for the city, RAMJ Construction.

On Tuesday, the new contractor, Compliance Envirosystems, or CES, put three new vacuum trucks on the street under the city’s emergency contract.

However, that second hire has city council member questioning the move since the Landrieu did not hire the second lowest bidder.

“I think the citizens have a right to know why a local company that was the lowest bidder was rejected for a company that was not a local company,” City Council member James Gray said.

“The reason why CES was awarded the contract was because they were the company that had the most experience and was the lowest amount of money with the experience to do the work,” Tyrone Walker, Landrieu Communications Director, said.

The city indicated the other company, ETI, may sue over the awarding of the contract.