NEW ORLEANS -- The second weekend of Jazz Fest kicks off Thursday and local vendors say whatever the weather, the show must go on.

As storm clouds gathered Wednesday, bringing back memories of last Sunday, inside the Grand Stand kitchen, cooks got to work. Many vendors spent the day prepping for the second week and hoping for the best when it comes to the turnout.

"We all know that it may rain, but we all pray that it don't rain,” Chef Linda Green said.

So they watch the weather and get to work, hoping to recover from the hit they took Sunday when weather delayed the opening.

"It cuts into profits obviously because you miss almost a whole day,” Jimmy Miranda said.

Vendors hope the sunny skies expected this weekend will more than make up for that loss.

"This weekend is the rare one where it's not going to rain, humidity is low, sun is out,” Miranda said.

The food and the chefs will be waiting.

“It’s going to be a really good weekend,” Miranda said.

While the weather is expected to be beautiful, festival goers may want to wear boots.