NEW ORLEANS -- Locals and visitors are filling the French Quarter this weekend for the Sugar Bowl and New Year's Eve.

With the Sugar Bowl Fanfest and several parties planned leading up to New Year's Eve, security will be bumped up in The Quarter.

In a year that saw terror events in Las Vegas, London and New York, Superintendent Michael Harrison says the NOPD has been closely reviewing its emergency response.

Earlier this month, retractable bollards were installed on some Bourbon Street intersections to prevent vehicles from driving into crowds and overhead, new high-definition cameras have been installed to catch crimes as they happen.

"We're already seeing success, so we think it's going to be a deterrent, but also it's a great investigative tool, should something happen,” Harrison said. “We can now track people real time in and along Bourbon street and on the side streets."

The new precautions haven't gone unnoticed by visitors.

"I think it's great that you can feel really comfortable and not know that you're being watched, but it's something, you know we all need to be safe,” one tourist said. “Things change so I kind of like knowing that someone cares about me enough to keep me safe."

Collectively, the city has planned for the worst, but expects a safe and fun weekend.