WESTWEGO – A day of drinking and “horse-playing” ended with a man’s death, allegedly at the hands of his two friends.

According to the Westwego Police Department, officers arrested Scott Pomeroy and James Ferrier as suspects in the death of Steven Knight, one of their friends visiting from Woodburry, Tenn.

Officers were called to 1104 Oak St. on Jun 11 to investigate Knight’s death.

According to officials, Knight was lying on the floor of a game room with bruises on his legs, arms and torso. Pomeroy and Ferrier told police Knight had been drinking vodka all day and fell several times before passing out sometime after 1 a.m.

An autopsy showed Knight had several broken ribs and a "severely lacerated" liver along with a lacerated spleen caused by blunt-force trauma. That report from the coroner led police to bring Pomeroy and Ferrier in for questioning.

According to police, Pomeroy said that the three men drank vodka for hours. He went on to say that the three men were “horse-playing” and arm wresting and that Ferrier had body-slammed a passed-out Knight at least two times, bringing his elbow down into the passed-out man’s body, a wrestling move commonly known as an elbow drop.

Pomeroy told police he found Knight's body the next morning and immediately called 911.

Ferrier gave police a similar account of the day, but added that the three men consumed about three liters of vodka among them. Police say Ferrier told them he didn’t believe he injured Knight while he performed the wrestling moves on him after he passed out. He also said Pomeroy performed the same wrestling move on Knight.

Both men told police they didn’t mean to injure, let alone kill, their friend.

Ferrier and Pomeroy were booked with one count of manslaughter each.

Police noted both men were also booked on numerous outstanding attachments from Westwego, Jefferson Parish and Gretna.