NEW ORLEANS -- Sheriff Newell Normand is trading in his badge for a microphone.

After he had announced his retirement earlier Tuesday, he stopped by his future office to speak with new fellow colleague and radio host 'Scoot.'

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"I've always been intrigued by doing something like this," said Normand.

That may sound surprising, but it's something he says he's been thinking about for years.

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"You know having done a lot of interviews and having been up here, it's obviously different. It's when I get in that seat over there, that's really going to kind of hit me for the first time," said Normand.

No doubt Normand has had a lot of experience in communication but this September he'll be doing a lot more talking as he takes over for a midday slot.

"I'm probably not prepared; the learning curve is going to be incredibly steep."

But Normand thinks it's now time to use his voice to give people new perspectives along with the truth.

"I like debating issues. I like the Socratic method of teaching. I taught at Tulane for nine years. It's things that I like, and I like to get into the issues."

One thing Sheriff Normand has always been known for is being colorful with words, which he says is part of a few things he wants to work on.

"One not to put my foot in my mouth, not to violate any FCC rules, and not to have Scoot telling me, have you lost your freaking mind?"

The Sheriff has consistently scored high with approval ratings with voters; the question now is will he receive the same support from listeners.

"Time will tell."

The Sheriff's show starts September 11 and airs from 10am-1pm.