HARVEY -- Time is running out for a family with 10 children displaced by a house fire.

After our story ran nearly a month ago, people, businesses and teachers came for days with furniture, food, clothing, kitchen supplies, and donations for Cynthia Kilpatrick and her family. People gave so much, that some had to be stored at a relative's home and even more at a rented storage facility.

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Cynthia Kilpatrick is overwhelmed with the love and generosity of complete strangers.

"Thank you. I was in tears and all they tell me was to pray. It's going to be alright. You're going to get more than you ever had and that's exactly what happened," Kilpatrick said. "It's more than we ever had."

A dance team from LaPlace even came and performed to cheer them up and another group came to break bread.

"They a group of guys that get together and they feed the homeless on Saturday, but this particular Saturday, they came out and they fed me and my kids," Kilpatrick remembered fondly.

But there's a problem. With the help of a realtor, she has looked at a dozen homes to rent, but high costs and the size of her family are holding up the process.

"They want you to pay this extremely large amount for rent and then some of them are saying that's too many kids," Kilpatrick said. "One landlord, that was completely outrageous, rude, to where she was like, 'Oh no! Oh my God! I can't have that many people in a four bedroom house.'"

The family is still in just two hotel rooms. Hotel vouchers from the Red Cross have run out and so have the donations paying for the cost of the hotel, the storage unit, getting her car fixed and feeding her family.

"We are homeless, so we need a place to live and we have to move somewhere. We can't live in a hotel forever," Kilpatrick said.

Davida Finger of The Loyola University New Orleans Law Clinic says, according to the Fair Housing Act, it is considered discrimination and illegal not to rent to someone because of family status or having children.

To donate to the family, visit their GoFundMe page here.

To donate clothes, furniture, household items:
2029 Killington Dr.
Harvey, La. 70058

To contact the family with housing E-mail: