GRETNA, La. - As Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni remains defiant, refusing to step down after admitting he sent sexual messages to a teenage boy, Parish residents we spoke with say they plan on using their rights to potentially get Yenni out of office.

"Sometimes, people just, they don't want to leave their power. That might be the case," Gretna Resident Rodney Wall Sr. said.

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Gretna resident Charmaine Kelly says Yenni's behavior is an embarrassment. Kelly plans on signing the recall petition for the sake of her children.

"I have kids that I'm responsible for and not just my kids but, the kids are our future and we're to protect them at all cost and if you're in a leadership position that's what you should be following as well," Kelly said.

The petition comes from Metairie attorney Robert Evans, son of longtime JP Council Chairman Bob Evans. Evans filed the petition with the Secretary of State's office and plans on spending $100,000 from his own pocket to get it started.

"His conduct is completely reprehensible. I felt an absolute necessity to take the action that I did," Evans said.

The Gretna city council is also taking action. In less than three minutes, council members unanimously voted on a resolution demanding Yenni's resignation. They join a list of city leaders and politicians urging Yenni to step away.

"It's going to be difficult for the Parish President to move on through all of these allegations and the things he's admitted," Gretna Councilman Mark Miller said.

"If he's actually admitted to doing so, you have to ask (Yenni), do you want someone to have a second chance with your child?" Kelly said.