HARAHAN- "This is a quality of life in Jefferson Parish if we're not getting our mail," River Ridge resident Nancy Pearson said.

With Christmas just around the corner, Nancy Pearson and her neighbors want their mailing problem resolved and fast.

"I guess what we're trying to do is get somebody to pay attention, that can make a difference because it's obvious that we don't matter to the post office," Pearson said.

Eyewitness News first broke the story last month about several neighbors in River Ridge upset about their mail not getting delivered. One resident even captured a photo showing buckets of mail left behind by a postal worker on Soniat Avenue.

At Monday's meeting neighbors say they've run into several problems with the post office.
"You can go to bed at 7:30 at night, no mail. You get up the next morning and you got mail in your mailbox," Pearson said.

"I had a notification for a package that had been delivered...went home no package, no mail. Mailman never came," Grace Hammons said.

"I've met with two different managers in the last six months, in their offices. Both of them said they would call me and neither one of them ever called me back," Pearson said.

Monday a group of neighbors held a meeting at Nancy Pearson's home, inviting Representative from Congressman Steve Scalise's office and the Jefferson Parish Government.

"We're well aware of the problem this particular area is facing," Justin Crossie, Regional Director with Congressman Steve Scalise, said.

Steve Scalise's office also says they've spoken with the Elmwood Post Office and have been told they have made internal changes at the location.

"I will hand out some privacy release forms. I only need one per household and then I will bring all of these with our meeting with the post office and have all of them address at that time," Crossie said.

Nancy and her neighbors hope that moving forward they will be able to see real changes occur.

"To me, it's management. It's not these guys on the street! It's management," Pearson said.

Pearson says she reached out to the post office inviting them to the meeting at her home. According to Pearson, the post office declined the invitation and said they will meet with them in private.