METAIRIE- Neighbors living across the canal from Wednesday's quadruple homicide in Metairie fear the violence could spill over onto their street.

"It's just closing in, we feel like it's just closing in," Metairie resident Billie Clouatre said.

Clouatre and her husband, Al, say the shootings nearby are literally too close for comfort.

"It's hitting close to home and not getting any better," she said.

Early Wednesday morning, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies received a call from a woman, saying she had been shot in the 2500 block of Pasadena Avenue near I-10 service road.

Investigators discovered three people, Kyle Turner, 40, John Henry, 56, and Rosemary Charles, 61 dead. Each victim suffered from gunshot wounds to the head. Another victim Harold Frisard, 56, died from multiple stab wounds.

"We're all, how would you say, on edge all of the time," Metairie resident Thelma Clestin said.

Clestin has lived in Metairie for several decades, but says the violence makes her want to pick up and go.

"My husband and I have thought about selling ... we're starting to feel like we're not safe in our own neighborhood anymore," Clestin said.

In May 2015, two women were taken to the hospital after being shot on the 2400 block of Pasadena. In October 2014 in the same location a 34-year-old Marrero man was shot multiple times and killed while he was near his truck.

"And not too long ago, we had a couple of blocks over, a domestic dispute, and police had to shoot the guy," Billile Clouatre said.

Until the violence ends, many of these neighbors say they will take precautions when coming and going from their homes.

"We do watch out for each other and if there's a problem, we try to help. That's all I can say," Clestin said.

Crimestoppers is offering up to a $5,000 reward for any information on the shooting. If you have any information, please call (504) 822-1111.