Jefferson Parish Councilmembers sent a formal letter to Parish President Mike Yenni calling on him to resign.

The two parish-wide councilmembers, Cynthia Lee-Sheng and Chris Roberts, spearheaded the effort, telling WWL-TV they would send the letter to Yenni on Friday morning.

The letter says David Hammer’s WWL-TV investigation that confirmed the FBI investigation “represents very serious allegations.”

“Such contact with a boy… who was still of high school age is far outside the realm of any acceptable standards in our community,” the letter reads.

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It goes on to say that if Yenni remains in office, he will not be able to govern effectively and may not be willing to attend public meetings or allowed to attend events at schools.

"For these reasons, we believe you are no longer in a position to lead as Parish President and request that you immediately resign,” the letter concludes.

Some of the other four Jefferson Parish Councilmembers are in the process of drafting their own letter.

The full letter can be read below.

Photo: A letter drafted by Jefferson Parish Councilmembers calls for the resignation of Parish President Mike Yenni.