HARVEY - Jefferson Parish public school kindergarten students will have to wear purple uniform shirts to school next year, regardless of what the school's colors are, the School Board announced Thursday.

The policy, which is already in place for those in pre-kindergarten, is meant to help officials easily identify the youngest children at the school.

In addition to the purple shirts, parents and guardians will be required to be at the bus stop, or have a designated person at least 12-years-of-age at the bus stop when the kindergarten student is picked up in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon.

Students who have purple shirts from pre-kindergarten can use those shirts. New students should purchase a purple kindergarten shirt.

If you would like information on purchasing uniforms for your student before July 11, you can contact the Jefferson Parish Compliance Office Call Center at 504-365-5312. You may contact your child’s school starting July 11 when school offices reopen.