HARVEY -- Quick and decisive action from a JPSO deputy helped save a teenage boy's arm -- and was the beginning of a strong connection between the two.

"I've been to the hospital several times to check up on him," Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputy Shane Rivolo said.

Each time he visits, Rivolo is relieved knowing Jacolby Hankton will recover. Two weeks ago, the Hankton family feared Jacolby would lose his arm after a hit and run, but doctor's say Rivolo saved the appendage and the boy's life.

"First night up there, his mom was all over us -- hugging on us. So was the rest of the family," Rivolo said.

Rivolo tells us he was responding to a report of a stolen car near Alex Kormann and Greenbriar Lane when he saw the stolen vehicle strike Jacolby.

"Car passed me up going the other way. And when I made a u-turn, within seconds of making my u-turn was when I saw the young man on the ground," Rivolo said. "I stopped. Attended to him and other units picked up from there on the stolen car."

According to JPSO, Jacolby's arm was bleeding and badly wounded.

"He had severe muscle damage, exposing his bone. Severe flesh damage," Rivolo said.

The JPSO deputy's casualty training kicked in. He grabbed a tourniquet, wrapping it around Jacolby's arm -- a move doctors told him made a huge difference in the teen's survival.

"After speaking to the physicians at the University, they said absolutely the tourniquet is going to save his arm," Rivolo said.

Jacolby is a sophomore football player at De La Salle High School. Sadly, he will have to sit this season out, but he'll return to the field eventually. And Rivolo will be there when he does.

"I have several friends of mine who have kids who go to De La Salle and it's definitely going to be exciting to see him in the future," Rivolo said.

Until that happens, these two plan on seeing each other through every step of Jacolby's recovery.

If you'd like to help Jacolby Hankton's family with their medical bills, please visit their GoFundMe page.