WESTWEGO -- A JPSO deputy is in the hospital with a broken knee after a police chase on the West Bank.

According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto, deputies on patrol spotted a stolen black pickup truck driving in Westwego and attempted to pull the driver over.

The driver refused to stop and led police into the neighborhoods around West Jefferson Medical Center. There, police say the driver turned off his headlights and attempted to hide in a driveway, but police surrounded the vehicle with their weapons drawn.

The driver then put the car in reverse and pull out of the driveway, striking a deputy and breaking his knee before driving through someone's yard and fleeing the scene.

Deputies opened fire on the driver, but it is unclear if he was wounded or not. Police are also no sure if he is armed or opened fire on the deputies.

The stolen truck was found on fire, three blocks away. Police believe the suspect is still in the area on foot and have set a perimeter. Canine units are being brought in to help with the search according to Lopinto.

The Sheriff could not identify the suspect, but described him as a white male, between 20-25 years of age.