A man is recovering after being shot and one man has been arrested following a shooting in Terrytown on Saturday night, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says.

Officials said the shooting happened around 11 p.m. on Saturday at the corner of Legion Drive and Guardian Avenue.

According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto, deputies received a call from 47-year-old resident Shawn Henderson after a neighbor alerted him about a man walking around outside of his home and taking pictures. After Henderson reported the incident to the sheriff's office, he got into his vehicle and drove around the area for a few minutes trying to find the man.

According to Lopinto, Henderson found a man, later identified as 30-year-old Donovan White, and got out of his vehicle with a gun to confront White. The sheriff's office says White was walking with walking stick and tried to disarm Henderson when he was approached by Henderson and as a result a fight ensued.

Henderson then fired two shots, one of which struck White in his right leg. According to Sheriff Lopinto, White was taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition and Henderson was treated for a small injury to his hand.

Henderson has been arrested and booked with one count of aggravated battery.

Sheriff Lopinto says that there were no photos of Henderson's home found on White's cell phone. He says he urges residents to just call 911 and wait for deputies to arrive when reporting similar incidents.

"Don't ever take it into your own hands," Lopinto said.