KENNER - A judge has ruled against a group of Kenner cab drivers who said they were seeking to level the playing field with some ride-sharing services that operate in the city and at the airport.

The drivers had been seeking to have the Uber and Lyft drivers have to purchase the same occupational license that is required of cab drivers. The city of Kenner said it didn't have the financial resources to scrutinize the issue so closely.

Several cabbies and their legal team were in court in Gretna Tuesday, saying that it is unfair that they have to have an occupational license to operate in the city of Kenner and at the airport, while the ride-sharing services do not.

Kenner city officials said that a small code enforcement staff and a modest city budget would prevent them from vigorously enforcing the rule.

The cabbies suggested that check points could be set up.

An attorney for the cabbies said that the requirement for an occupational license for the drivers but not for Uber and Lyft drivers put the taxi drivers on an unlevel playing field.

“They’re getting a free ride,” he said.

The cabbies indicated they would appeal.