KENNER -- Mayor Ben Zahn removed the entire Kenner Housing Authority Board from their positions and has called for the resignation of the department's Executive Director.

According to a statement from the City of Kenner, Executive Director Mar Starling's resume showed graduate work from a fictitious college called "Belford University," culminating with his receipt of a Master's Degree in Urban Development. The resume also showed that Starling left two previous HUD leadership positions around the country, but in reality he vacated one position amid allegations of mismanagement and was removed from another by federal investigators.

Mayor Zahn called for an investigation into the Kenner Housing Authority after one of its board members, Connie Montgomery, resigned. Her resignation left the board with only two members, making it unable to take any official action.

“Our internal investigation found numerous instances of potential ethical and procedural violations, which at the very least give an overwhelming sense of impropriety at the Kenner Housing Authority. This will not be tolerated, especially given the mission of this very important organization," Zahn said.

The release said the mayor plans to replace to baord members in the "very near future" and bring in a third-party contractor to train and counsel the incoming board.