WESTWEGO -- A storm neighboring cities may not remember turned violent in one Westwego neighborhood, putting a couple without a home.

Strong winds and lightning tore down trees and damaged homes in Bridge City.

"The storm was, it looked like a mini tornado," said Beverly Lopez.

It left some with a lot of clean-up, but Lopez says no house was hit harder than her neighbor's across the street.

"My neighbor two houses down called me and said 'Oh my God! Look out the window! Lightning struck a tree and it's fallen on these people's house!'"

That fallen tree is still on Shonnie Bonnen's house. Lopez said Bonnen has a disability, making it hard to work.

"They had prior damage from other storms, and the person who owns the house does not have any home insurance," Lopez said.

Bonnen told us she was in her living room when the tree came down, landing just feet away from hitting her.

"It sounded like a train going over my head," Bonnen said.

Firefighters had to cut limbs to get her and her boyfriend out of the home. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but Bonnen is still dealing with it emotionally.

"I went into a state of shock," Bonnen said.

The Jefferson Parish Fire Department has marked the house unsafe to live and the Red Cross is currently hosting Bonnen and her boyfriend in a motel room, but that can't last forever.

"They're just going through difficult times," Lopez said. "I'm just reaching out trying to get help for them."