GRETNA -- After more than two hours of deliberation, a Jefferson Parish Jury found Adam Littleton guilty of second-degree murder according to The New Orleans Advocate.

Littleton was accused of killing Jasilas Wright, a woman found dead on I-10 in 2015. He will be sentenced on Aug. 22.

"I swear to God I ain’t killed nobody, man," Littleton said through tears after the verdict came down.

Wright, a 19-year-old mother of one, was found on I-10 in Metairie in the summer of 2015..

Prosecutors said Littleton was Wright’s pimp and was driving to Texas against her will when she jumped out of the car on the interstate, where she was struck by other vehicles and killed.

The defense claims that Littleton was not Wright’s pimp, that he did not kidnap her and that he is simply a young man distraught over his girlfriend’s death.

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