MARRERO - The suspect in a police chase that ended with a deputy injured and a car set on fire is now behind bars but neighbors living near it are still in shock.

“Yeah, it was crazy, there were cops on every corner in the neighborhood," Harvey Billot who lives near the scene said.

Friday morning there were only charred pieces of a truck and damage to a building left of the chase that ended near Avenue B and 14th Street.

“They had all this taped off, all the way to the end of the block taped off."

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says after a violent car jacking around 3 pm near West Jefferson Medical Center, deputies spotted the driver in Bridge City and pursued him back to the same neighborhood where it started. Deputies then found him on Avenue A several hours later, where he allegedly backed into a deputy to get away. A short time after that, deputies discovered the truck on fire near a church on Avenue B with Taulli gone.

Residents came home to find their street had been blocked off.

“We were a couple blocks down at a little bar," Samantha Matherne said.

When Matherne heard what happened, she rushed home to her mother's house.

“I couldn't get to any corner, I was trying, they wouldn't let us walk to her.”

Friday morning she found out Gino Taulli used to be a neighbor.

“We see him all the time just walking up and down the street - never thought anything of him.”

Other neighbors say they recognized the picture but didn't remember much about him.

“It's a fantastic neighborhood we've never had any problems here or nothing and you know that's why I was kind of shocked," Elliot added.

As some were digesting the news, they wished the officer and the victim a speedy recovery.

“We're just happy that no one was really really hurt," Matherne said.