METAIRIE, La. -- The Metairie Bridal store 'Bustles & Bows' is closing. It is the second bridal store in Metairie to do so in the past year. In this case, the owner of this store said she'll make sure everyone gets their dresses.

In a message posted to their Facebook page, the store said the owner is closing to "fulfill other business commitments" after 13 years in business. 

"Please rest assured all gowns will arrive on schedule, and possibly earlier. We are working closely with our manufacturers to ensure everything goes smoothly," the post said. "Effective immediately, we will be liquidating our store and will remain open through July '17 during the liquidation process."

However, some customers said they are still nervous. Charlene Taylor and her daughter Shannon used the store for bridesmaid dresses, and the unexpected closing is one more thing to worry about.

"I have Shannon stressed out about if the girls are going to have dresses,” Charlene Taylor said.

Taylor wishes she would have known about the upcoming closure before the wedding party handed over their money.

"Eight bridesmaids went. The last girl went May 1 to order the dress. May 2 around 2 p.m. my daughter gets a call that they are now going out of business,” Taylor said. 

Now Taylor wonders if she'll ever see the money or the gowns again. The owner of the store says if the payment has been received the order will be completed but with the store closing its doors in July, the Taylors say they hope the owner is true to her word. 

"It's just a sit and wait game to see what's going on,” Taylor said. 

After sitting for an interview, the owner of the store requested to be excluded from the story but did say she paid a rush fee herself to make sure all the dresses are shipped in time. 

Customers can contact the store through email at after the storefront closes.