HARAHAN – A brand new pumping station could provide relief to the River Ridge and Harahan areas of Jefferson Parish in a heavy rain storm or in the case of a tropical event, which could happen in a few days as Harvey menaces in the Gulf of Mexico.

On August 5, the heavy rains brought street flooding to the area and residents are desperate for relief.

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“Every time that it rains, for some reason, the water accumulates in this area and it has no place to go, and it happens so often, it’s really frustrating,” said Rafael Bragagnini.

The new station, on Dickory in Harahan, has not yet been used in a rain situation, but Jefferson Parish officials say it could well be used if Harvey starts dropping heavy rain.

The station will pump rainwater to the river, a much shorter distance. It’s remote-control features won’t be ready for a few months, but it should work, if manned, like it will be for Harvey.

“If everything’s working, we’ll just keep it running as long as it needs to run,” said Mitch Theriot, the director of drainage for Jefferson Parish.

Residents’ reactions to the news of the new pump ranged from cautiously optimistic to being outright excited.

“Whatever it can help would be fantastic,” said George Fay.