METAIRIE, La. -- Grafitti promising "Sandyhook 2017" at East Jefferson High School left parents and students on edge, but some say the school didn't do enough to take the threat seriously.

"It's clear as day that it was a threat because it said they were going to shoot the school up," said Angel Dennstedt, a parent whose child attends EJHS.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating threatening graffiti that appeared at East Jefferson High School Wednesday morning.

Spray-painted threats including "#Sandyhook2017" and "Shooting the school up -Crazy White Boy" were found on the walls of the Metairie high school as students arrived for classes Wednesday.

"I was in the building trying to hide," said Quinton Milburn, a student.

The threats left students on edge, and some say a lack of response from the school made them feel even worse.

"The school didn't really let us know what was going on," said Albert Lewis, another student.

"My mom didn't know anything until I told her," said Rebekah Wang, another student at the school.

Then, as crews came to clean the graffiti a steady stream of parents came to school to pick up their kids.

"It's been streaming on Facebook about what was going on, and we just felt like the school should have called," said Tyra Milburn.

"The kids are not on lock down. The kids are at lunch in an open field," said Angel Denstedt. "Anybody can drive by and start shooting, so why are the kids not on lockdown?"

Parents Eyewitness News talked with say they were extremely unsatisfied by the school's response, mainly that they didn't send out any warnings.

"I want to reassure parents we take every threat very very seriously," said Beth Branley with Jefferson Parish Public Schools.

Extra staff and counselors were called in to help students cope with the scare, but the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office made the call on school closure. The Sheriff's Office tells us it took extra precaution, but couldn't release those details.

"Well, I don't know that we would say that it's readily apparent to an immediate threat," said Sheriff Newell Normand.

Deputies have also narrowed their investigation to two suspects captured on surveillance video.

"We're going to get you, it's not a question of if, it's of when," Normand said.

As the search continues for the suspects, parents say they remain puzzled by authorities in this case.

"I'm not worried about what was scribbled on the wall, I'm worried about the actions that I've seen taken out of innocent people children in these schools," Vicki Sewel said. "What is the problem why are we not taking this more seriously?"

If you have any information that could lead authorities to the two suspects you're urged to call Crimestoppers at (504) 837-8477.