BALDWIN COUNTY, AL -- Baldwin County Sheriff's deputies said they did everything possible to de-escalate the situation before fatally shooting a man from Metairie.

According to our partners at WKRG, investigators announced Johnathan Victor, a 35-year-old Metairie resident, was holding a fanny pack wrapped in a black windbreaker when he got out of his car on Friday, May 12, when police shot and killed him. Deputies claim Victor was holding the fanny pack in a way that made it appear to be a firearm, but that he was not actually armed.

Witnesses told WKRG that Victor ignored multiple verbal commands from police to stop and get on the ground. Police opened fire on Victor, shooting him four times. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but died from his wounds.

According to police, Victor had multiple cuts on his wrists. Deputies believe Victor was trying to commit suicide in the car before he got out and confronted police.

The unidentified deputy who fatally shot Victor is on paid administrative leave while the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency investigated the fatal shooting.

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