Opinions were split outside today's Jefferson Parish council meeting regarding Parish President Mike Yenni's ability to remain in office.

"It's definitely effecting his job," Yenni protestor Charlene Mahner said. "He says it's personal. It's definitely not personal.”

"I support him as a registered voter, I pass no judgment on what he's going through I just support him as parish president,” Terry Green said.

A recent WWL-TV, New Orleans Advocate poll suggests opinions are less divided across Jefferson Parish. Nearly 3-out-of-every-4 registered voters who took our survey, 72 percent, said Yenni should resign.

Along with the protesters were a group collecting signatures to force Yenni's resignation.

"We're getting the word out and we're doing very well today as a matter of fact,” Mahner said.

They hope to get more than 90 thousand by April in order to force Yenni to resign and they're confident they can either reach that number or encourage Yenni to step down himself.

"We're hoping by doing this he'll do the right thing and he'll resign,” Mahner said.

Those in favor of Yenni stepping down say he can no longer be trusted after he admitted to sending sexually explicit text messages to a 17-year-old boy.

"What he did as a person, as a human being was really reprehensible,” Mahner said. “He's not fit to be in public office and be a leader or a role model or a mentor especially when he's involved in youth groups, children, he's already banned from school activities."

Others think Yenni can move past this.

"Whatever the outcome is I'm hoping he can hold his seat because I support him deeply,” Green said,

Despite the opinions today, it will ultimately be up to voters or Yenni himself, to determine what happens next.