METAIRIE -- Congressman Steve Scalise's hometown of Metairie is sending prayers his way.

Wednesday evening, the community held a prayer service at the Congressman's church, St. Catherine of Siena. Regardless of political views, a community stood side-by-side supporting Scalise, one of four people shot during an ambush style attack early this morning.

When the news reached Metaire, residents were devastated.

"I just got teary eyed, I really did," Ashley Zsido said.

"I'm very very disappointed that it's come to this violence," Vinson Serio added.

Some who attended the service had know Scalise for years.

"He and my boys grew up together and his mother was my best friend and she died of cancer a few years ago, so Steve is close to my heart," Jeannie Lagarde said.

"He's extraordinary, he's wonderful, he cares about everyone deeply," Serio said.

Others only interacted with Scalise in passing.

"I see him one-on-one whenever he comes in to vote," Zsido said. "He never misses an election ever."

"He'll do anything and everything for anyone at anytime," resident Merce Canedo said.

Everyone in his community is praying for the Congressman.

"We come together as people of faith to pray for Steve Scalise and his family and all those who were injured this morning," Rev. Calkins said during the service.

Those who attended say unity is the answer in the face of so much hate.

"We're together, supporting each other and we're doing it together and that's very important," Calkins said.

Together they hope the unity tonight might make a difference.