Eyewitness News first reported about issues with the Elmwood branch post office back in November. Residents say after the initial report, nothing has changed.

Elmwood resident Roxann Voltolina is getting ready for Christmas, but she's too nervous about constant issues with the Elmwood post office to order any gifts.

"This year I just choose not to do it because I can't trust the post office anymore,” Voltolina said.

Three weeks ago Eyewitness News reported about how residents in Harahan would go days without any mail and would even find buckets of mail left behind on the side of the road. At the time, the post office said it was an isolated incident and the problem would be solved. But the problems have continued.

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"It's kind of sporadic,” Elmwood resident George Stimac said. “I'll get three days with no mail then get a stack of mail and then it will be three days without no mail."

Voltolina agreed.

"You're expecting checks in the mail, you're expecting packages in the mail,” Voltolina said. “It's the post office. They're supposed to deliver regardless of rain sleet or snow."

Residents say whether you live in Harahan, Jefferson or River Ridge you'll probably experience problems with your mail, all stemming from the Elmwood branch. When Voltolina called the branch and spoke to an employee, she didn't get any answers.

"I was advising him of my issues expecting professionalism but all I got was 'you don't get mail every day,’” Voltolina said.

Now she's left wondering what to do next.

"This is an issue and it needs to be resolved,” Voltolina said.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Elmwood branch but has not heard back.