GRAND ISLE, La. -- Grand Isle residents started Thursday without power after severe storms hit overnight.

As of 4:30 p.m. on May 4, most residents are still without electricity.

Kerry Besson, a Grand Isle native, said he never experienced a storm like the one Wednesday night.

 "I was scared as scared gets, sir, I have never been through nothing like that," Besson said.

Winds blowing around 70-to-75 mph knocked out power for the entire town and damaged several homes. The wind also pushed water on LA-1, flooding parts of the road and forcing police to close the major road overnight.

Joseph Angeron got about half-a-foot of water inside the first floor of his home.

"The water just came up so quickly with the north wind and high tide it pushed the water out of the bay straight in here, and I at least had ankle high water in my bedroom last night," Angeron said. "I've experienced it multiple times, but it's not normally this bad."

Police plan to add extra patrols.

"My number one priority with loss of power is that we're going to beef up our patrols to make sure we don't have any looting or things like that for these people with summer homes,"  Grand Isle Police Chief Laine Landry said.

In the meantime, folks say they're going to enjoy what Grand Isle has to offer.

"We don't really need power out here anyway, I'm used to being in a tent so this is an upgrade,"  Scott Gomez who is visiting said.

The police chief said Jefferson Parish leaders sent mobile pumps to get the standing water out of low-lying areas.