METAIRIE - Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand announced Friday that two former East Jefferson High School students have been arrested in connection with the spray-painted graffiti messages found on campus earlier this week.

Arrested were 19-year-old Vrindaban Das of Metaire; and 19-year-old Luis Rodriguez III of Algiers. Both were booked with terrorizing, simple criminal damage and unauthorized entry.

Normand said that Das said he and Rodriguez did the spray-painting to "get a rush" and for the "shock value."

"Never have I realized how much of a knucklehead someone could be," Normand said. "Stupid is as stupid does. Both of these young men will now suffer significant and serious consequences."

The spray-painted messages were threatening, with one mentioning "Sandy Hook."

Normand said his office spent more than 100 hours interviewing students and witnesses and used a lot of manpower on the case.

"The message to kids is 'get a life,'" said Normand. "This is not what you do to get a rush."

Das was arrested at his home Friday afternoon. Normand said Das provided Rodriguez's name and he was arrested while driving near Clearview Parkway and West Napoleon Avenue.

The Sheriff's Office said Das was involved in a similar incident in 2015 at the school.