NEW ORLEANS -- Jefferson Parish President Michael Yenni has returned from his out-of-state assignment with the United States Naval Reserve.

According to an email sent to the Jefferson Parish Council, Yenni's deployment as part of the Naval Reserve's response to Hurricane Matthew has ended.

Yenni's deployment was announced in a memo to Jefferson Parish Council members on on Oct. 6 and was originally expected to last until Oct. 15.

The memo came a day after Yenni was absent from the first Jefferson Parish Council meeting since since WWL-TV reported that the FBI has interviewed at least four people about explicit texts Yenni sent to a 17-year-old boy he met at an event at Jesuit High School.

While Yenni was deployed in Virginia, the entire Jefferson Parish Council and Sheriff Newell Normand called for Yenni's resignation.

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Yenni released an ad on Thursday, Oct. 6, admitting to sending "improper texts," but said he would not resign from his position and would instead work to redeem himself. He has not responded to the council or sheriff's call for his resignation.

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