JEFFERSON PARISH, La.- In WWL-TV's exclusive poll, Jefferson Parish residents overwhelmingly asked Mike Yenni to step down. However, there is a small portion of the population that believe he should remain in office.

"Let him keep his job until his time is up," said Marrero resident Keith Laurent. "Because it's too much of a hassle to go through these changes with Mike and all these other crooked politicians, we don't know what nobody doing."

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Laurent voted for Mike Yenni last year. He believes if Yenni is not hurting the parish financially, he should finish the job he was elected to do. However, he should never run for public office again.

"Let him serve his little two or three years that he got left," Laurent said.

Despite Yenni admitting to a sexting scandal with a teenage boy, there are several people who, like Keith, stand by his side. Wearing "Keep Yenni" t-shirts, Terry Green and dozens of other supporters stood outside Wednesday's Parish council meeting calling on others to forgive him.

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"Whatever the outcome is, I'm just hoping that he could hold his seat, because I support him deeply," Green said.

Pastor Aubrey Wallace questions Yenni's actions, but feels his behavior is a personal matter.

"This is between you (Yenni), and the victim. You're not charged with anything. No charges have been brought against you. Stand!" Pastor Wallace said.

Despite some support, an overwhelming amount of Parish residents still believe Yenni should go.

A major recall petition is still taking place within Jefferson Parish to get Yenni removed from office since he refuses to resign.