METAIRIE, La. – After Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni issued a statement responding to sexting allegations with a 17-year-old, residents had a lot to say.

Many people in were unaware of the scandal involving parish Yenni. Several people said they actually didn't care. Then, there were a few people who cared a lot.MORE

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"That's shocking,” Verna Caston said.

Others said they believe it’s a crime.

VIDEO: Yenni's full statement

"If he did do it, I'm a firm believer in you pay for what you did and if you're sexting a minor and you're in a leadership role you should pay for the crime,” Julieanne Lund said.

Residents said it wasn’t that they were expecting from a parish leader.

"It's pretty unfortunate I think for the residents of Jefferson Parish and shows poor leadership and another inept politician in office,” Joe Molyneux added.

Some residents said no apology can change their opinions about the situation.

"I'm sorry a public apology is not enough, I think there needs to be government action towards this,” Lund said.

There is one thing most voters said they would accept.

"He should not only apologize to all the families and all the lives he's ruined but he should first and foremost resign,” Molyneux said.

Others agreed.

"People should put their foot down and say for him to resign,” Caston said. “Why should he hold office? That's not right. It’s time for you to step down.”