HARVEY, La.-- In a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday night, Jefferson Parish School board members discussed whether Jefferson Parish President, Mike Yenni, should be banned from school property following his involvement in a sexting scandal.

Just before the meeting, Yenni sent each board member a letter voluntarily stating he will not step foot on any of the district's campuses. Despite his letter, many of the board say their opinions have not changed.

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"We're going to protect our students no matter what," Marion Bonura, school board member for District 8 said.

Board members are taking the next step on a proposal to ban Yenni from entering campuses.

"I did a first reading that he would be banned from not only school campuses, but school activities," School Board Member, District 8 Sandy Denapolis- BoSarge said.

In his letter, Yenni states that he will stay away from the schools. He also writes he understands the boards concerns and hopes the letter proves to them he made mistake and takes full responsibility for his behavior.

The letter comes on the heels of an eyewitness investigation, showing Yenni sent sexual text messages to a boy, who at the time, was only 17 years old. Yenni then admitted to the inappropriate text messages in a televised commercial.

"I think he's trying to get out in front of everything," Bonura said. "And make it his story, instead of somebody else's story. Instead of somebody else coming and saying, 'You're banned.' He wanted to get ahead of it."

Letter or no letter, board members said voting on the ban will appear on their next agenda. Board member Denapolis-Bosarge said she owes it to her students and parents.

"My concern is that, the incident came to light occurred on a high school campus," Denapolis-Bosarge said. "And so, that to me, is worrisome that, we really have to be careful who comes on our campuses."

Two board members were out of town during Tuesday night's meeting. The board plans on voting on the matter, possibly next month, at their next regularly scheduled meeting.