NEW ORLEANS – Four-year-old Treskylar and her parents walked up to Deputy Kevin Depuis Thursday night just to say hello and to be safe, according to a Facebook post by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Treskylar and her parents are from Brookhaven, Mississippi, a small town recently affected by violence. Almost two weeks ago, 8 people were killed in a shooting rampage, including a deputy. The post said Tresylar’s parents knew the victims and the suspect, and were still shaken by the shootings.

“After telling Deputy Dupuis she wanted to be a police officer when she grows up, Kevin gave Treskylar his card and a plastic badge,” read the post.

The photo said Dupuis told Treskylar if he is still around when she graduates from the police academy, he would love to attend her graduation.

Dupuis was so moved by the family he decided to share the experience with the department.