Jury selection for the man accused of killing a New Orleans Police officer two years ago is set to begin Wednesday.

Travis Boys pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity to murder charges related to the death of officer Daryle Holloway in 2015. Boys is accused of shooting Holloway while the officer was transporting him to jail.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty and Boys faces life in prison if he was convicted.

Boys’ lawyers have asked the judge to block officers in uniform from the courtroom except those needed for security. They claim the presence of uniformed officers could be an attempt to intimidate jurors and allow emotions to get in the way of reaching a verdict which would violate their client’s right to a fair trial.

The lawyers have also asked the judge to let them present evidence of their client’s intellectual disabilities. One defense expert has said Boys’ IQ range is between 55-64. Another has questioned his ability to assist his lawyers at trial. The lawyers also claim that Boys has a history of schizophrenia.

A judge is expected to decide on those requests Wednesday. The trail is expected to begin Monday.