LAFOURCHE PARISH -- Lafourche Parish has declared a state of emergency ahead of tropical storm Nate making landfall and the rush is on to stock up on supplies and prepare.

Shoppers at Frank's Grocery store in Lockport are busy preparing for stormy skies ahead.

"If the electricity goes out we put [Vienna Sausage] on bread," Vera Sauerwin a shopper said.

Sauerwin is not taking chances with tropical storm Nate.

"I don't want it to hit us head on because my trailer is old and I'm not staying it," Sauerwin said.

She's stocking up the basics, bottled water, and non-perishables, along with many shoppers who have the same idea.

"Lots of people are getting water because we're almost in the path of the hurricane," Brent Adams, Frank's Manager said.

And as many were picking up the essentials, they were also keeping an eye on Nate with weather apps on their phones.

"I mean we're getting down to the downhill side of it, so it probably won't be as intense," Ronald Chaisson, another shopper, said.

Intense, or not, Lafourche Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle has declared a state of emergency. He's particularly concerned about the loss of marshland which has helped to slow down potential surges.

"I can remember going to Grand Isle as a kid, and you look to your east and you look to you west, and there were ridges of Oak trees," Cantrelle said.

Of course many in Lafourche Parish are used to stocking up for storms, and that means a busy time at stores like Frank's.

"Very busy don't know which way it'll turn," one of the workers said.

Now we're not sure if it's the storm or the one day sale that packed the store, but Cindy Terrebonne says she is going about business as usual, and will break out generators as needed.

"I literally have three ice boxes, and three freezers at my house," Terrebonne said.

As for Vera Sauerwin, she says, she's not staying home when the storm comes.

"My husband thinks I am, but he's crazy," Sauerwin said.

Lafourche Parish has set up several locations for residents to pick up sandbags from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Thibodaux Field Office: 2565 Veterans Blvd.
  • Raceland Field Office: 129 Texas St
  • Choctaw Field Office: 122 Choctaw Road
  • Bayou Blue Field Office: 104 Myrtle Place
  • Lockport Field Office: 6236 Hwy 308
  • Galliano Field Office: 128 West 97th Street

In addition, Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle is warning residents near Leeville and Golden Meadow and LA 1 where it often floods to make plans to leave possibly.