Katie Granier is 18 years old and is graduating from Nicholls State University Saturday after three years and with a 4.0 grade point average.

The psychology major said it really all started in high school where she took as many classes as she could at the Virtual Academy of Lafourche.

“I just kind of wanted to overdrive with 10th 11th and 12th (grade classes) all at the same time,” Granier said. “I’d take like three maths at one time or two Englishes.”

Increasing her course load led to her graduating high school in 2014 at age 15. Graduating so early wasn’t always her plan, she said, it was more about using her time efficiently.

“Whenever I started (taking extra courses), I kind of realized, I’m just wasting time when I could be doing more,” she said. “So I just kind of decided, why not?”

Being able to choose what classes she could take in high school helped her to prepare for life in college and be able to graduate so early.

Granier said she almost always took over 18 hours of classes and sometimes up to 21 hours each semester.

“I took a lot of courses in college at the same time too,” Granier said. “I always had above an 18-hour course load and that goal was kind of trying to finish a little bit quicker.”

While some college students are unsure about what to major in, Granier knew psychology was the right choice. One of her family members has a history of psychological conditions, she said, and it affected her family while she was growing up.

Granier now plans to take a year off of school to get some experience working in her field at Psychological Health Care of South Louisiana in Thibodaux. Ultimately, she wants to go back to school and work toward her Ph.D.

“(I want to) kind of do what I’m doing now at my job,” she said. “But as the doctor.”