LAFOURCHE PARISH -- Low lying and coastal areas are making their preparations for possible flooding.

LaFouche Parish officials say they feel confident about their preparations for the upcoming storm. They were able to get a jump start on preparing and a lot of residents have too.

Residents spent the day taking advantage of the sandbag stations throughout the parish.

Bill Welker, a resident of Lockport went to get his sandbags today, but said he wasn't worried about the storm just yet.

"Not right now," Welker said. "We'll see what happens Sunday or Monday"

He's taking precautions just in case. As he gets ready, parish officials are getting ready too.

"We're getting a handle on it," Parish President James Cantrell said after he spent the day checking in across the parish.

"Everything's been going great so far," Cantrell said.

The geography of Lafourche Parish does leave it vulnerable, especially in the lower lying areas like Golden Meadow and the west side of Thibodaux, but officials say that motivates them to plan accordingly and hope for the best.

"I believe this will be a rain event for us, I'm hoping that's what it is," Cantrell said.

175 of the 179 available pumps in Lafourche Parish are running.

As for Welker, he says you can plan and prepare all you want, but you won't know for sure if you're ready until you're in the moment.

"That's mother nature, we'll know when it hits," Welker said.

The Lafouche Parish sandbag stations will be set up until next Tuesday. If you're elderly or disabled and need help with sandbags within the parish, call 985-446-8427