DULAC, La. - Two deputies in Terrebonne Parish have been fired after video surfaced of a deputy challenging an 18-year-old handcuffed suspect.

In the video, a deputy is shown cursing and telling Christopher Verdin Jr. to get out of the patrol car.

"You want me to take this f***ing badge off and handcuffs off and see what the f*** you really going to do?" one of the deputies says in the video. "You ain't s*** punk!," he said.

Frankie Duplantis took the video. He told Eyewitness News, Christohper Verdin Jr. is a family friend, and he was not doing anything out of line.

"And then the cop said don't raise your hands at me, and that's when I noticed Chris's hands were behind his back," said Duplantis.

The Terrebonne Sheriff's Office said deputies were called Saturday night because of a disturbance. They said Verdin's mother told dispatch he was on drugs, had hit her dog, and fired two shots. Police found Verdin walking near his mother's house with a gun. Verdin was then transported near the scene to help with the investigation. That's when the Sheriff's Office said Verdin started kicking and spitting.

"And even if he did do wrong still, what gives them the right to try and treat somebody that way?" questioned Verdin's father.

When Verdin's dad saw the video, he was angered.

"Even the other officers, I mean I'm not saying they were totally at fault, but they could have intervened," said Christopher Verdin.

Monday afternoon the Terrebonne Sheriff announced the termination of two of the deputies involved. Joseph Paul Cehan III, and Charles David Cook Jr,

were fired for conduct unbecoming of a police officer.

The video, however, has been shared thousands of times, with many people weighing in.

"I'm not taking up for the kid, the cops got to do their job, we all need them but that just gone too far," added Duplantis.

Christopher Verdin Jr. is still being held at the Terrebonne Parish Jail for charges of animal cruelty, illegal carrying, and using a weapon.