NEW ORLEANS- "Even before Katrina, they haven't been taken care of on a regular basis."

Jill Miester says she is tired of seeing clogged catch basins flood streets in her Lakeview neighborhood.

"When you have the mud and the sludge and leaves and all of the debris going in, it's just so far in, you can't clean it by yourself," Miester said.

In addition to catch basin issues, the recent breaker fire for Turbine 4 at the Sewerage and Water Board facility only adds to her frustration.

The city says the Department of Public Works continues working hard to clean out catch basins.

Officials tell Eyewitness News four vacuum trucks are in service right now. Since last month, they've cleaned more than 1,500 catch basins across the city.

Wednesday, a group of Lakeview residents held a meeting at Hynes Elementary School to come up with ways to take matters into their own hands, helping un-clog their neighborhoods.

"We have 18 survey forms and this takes in all of Lakeview, which we have 7,000 properties in Lakeview, so the people that take the survey forms tonight will go just put an X on the map where the catch basin is, and we will send it into city hall," Lakeview resident Rita Legrand said.

Debbie Keel also attended the meeting. She's passionate about the effort and urges residents to take action.

"We have drains that are plugged up. And we don't know what else to do about it. That should be the motivation for us. Because it's not going to get done if we don't do it ourselves," Keel said.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Lakeview Civic Association at