NEW ORLEANS -- Neighbors are concerned after seven cats have disappeared from their homes within two months.

Residents said they feel a catnapper may be to blame.

"This house lost one cat," Meagan Moreland, a Lakeview residents said.

One cat doesn't seem all that unusual, but walking through the neighborhood, Moreland pointed out more homes.

"This house with the wooden fence they lost one cat, so one right after another," she said.

Moreland herself lost two furry family members in the past two months.

"Lagniappe, our second cat, he's 13," she explained. "He's been with my husband for 13 years, through thick and thin."

Moreland was distraught after her cats vanished. That's when she turned to Nextdoor, a neighborhood watch app.

"But the next morning after we said I think Lagniappe's gone, our neighbor posted on the Nextdoor app that three of her cats went missing."

According to neighbors on the app, seven cats have disappeared without a trace from March and April alone. 

"Personally, I find it very unusual that so many cats would go missing," said Heather Rigney, feral cat coordinator for the Louisiana Society for Prevention of Cruelty.

Rigney said homeowners are actually allowed to trap cats if they trespass property.  However, it's required the animals are brought to the shelter unharmed. 

"To date, I have not seen any matches of cats that have come in from that particular area," Rigney said.

Rigney is asking neighbors to check their security cameras to see if there's any evidence that someone has been caught taking away the cats, or trapping them.  If they have something suspicious, neighbors call Humane Law Enforcement.

Of course, some have wondered if it could be a predator.  The SPCA said if it's a predator, there might have already been part of a carcass, or a cat injured, and so far no one has reported that. It's very likely a catnapper may be to blame.

"They're owned animals they're not feral or stray, and they have just disappeared," said Moreland.

Cat owners like Moreland are now pleading neighbors to join forces in finding out what's behind all the vanishing cats. 

The LA SPCA said there are reports all over the city, but it is particularly striking in Lakeview as cats have been disappearing from houses right next to each other.  If evidence is found, the Humane Law Enforcement could launch a full investigation.