NEW ORLEANS -- Some flood victims say Mayor Mitch Landrieu isn't holding himself to the same standards to which he holds other city employees.

A day after a dramatic government shakeup, residents in Mid-City and Lakeview want to know why the mayor isn't being investigated as well.

Landrieu skipped out on a City Council meeting yesterday, instead holding his own news conference while the public hearing was still going on.

"He's not here during the flooding, but also not here today to just listen to people," resident Susannah Burley, who attended the meeting, said. "I think people were pretty upset about that."

As more and more information came to light, including the fact city leaders lied about multiple pumps being turned off the day of the flood, frustration rose.

"They really pulled a fast one on Saturday," Burley said.

Residents want to know why the mayor isn't facing the same scrutiny as lower government employees.

"The mayor is where the buck stops," resident Linda Morgan said. "He should have been proactive."

City Council members said they're looking into everyone's involvement in the scandal.

"I don't think any of us can get a pass here," At-Large Councilman Jason Williams said. "I don't get a pass, the mayor doesn't get a pass. We've got to fix this problem.

That includes possible consequences for Deputy Mayor Ryan Berni, who perpetuated false statements about the pumps, elected officials said.

"Action needs to be taken wherever there was a breakdown in communication," Councilman Jared Brossett said.

As the mayor calls for an outside examination into what went wrong, taxpayers are demanding accountability from the very top.

"He's part of the equation too and I hope he's not just casting blame on other people and not also assessing his role in things," Burley said.

"We are turning into a nation of blame, passing the buck, find a scapegoat, and it doesn't solve anything," Morgan added.

At the end of the day, taxpayers said Landrieu is the one in charge.

"He's the chief, ultimately everyone answers to him so I'd like to see someone examine his role in this," Burley said.

Landrieu declined an interview with WWL-TV .