Hurricane Irma forced thousands of people to evacuate, but animals are also getting out of the storm’s path and into animal shelters.

Most animals are looking for their forever families, however Zeus' Rescues is relatively empty.

“We are clearing the kennels for the dogs coming in from Irma that are about to start coming in. It's kinda a unique situation and we are doing the best situation to help as many animals as we can right now,” Michelle Ingram, director of Zeus' Rescues.

Zeus' Rescues was slammed after Hurricane Harvey and helped 110 cats and dogs.

“It's an exhausting time for anyone in rescue, anyone doing anything, but it's great that we are able to help these pets that would otherwise be sitting in a shelter or drowning out in the field,” Ingram said.

Now, Ingram says she is in need of help finding homes for the animals that have been rescued.

“Some of these animals just need a place to stay while the hurricane while they are assessing their living situations in Florida. So open up your homes, open up your heart and your pocketbook if you can to help out these animals who are most in need,” Ingram said.

Ingram says the best thing anyone can do is foster a pet, even just for a week of two.

“So if you take one of the dogs or cats out of this building, we can in turn take in another animal and save another life,” Ingram said.

As animals are going to start pouring in from Florida, fostering an animal will help free up space at the shelter and give an animal a temporary home.

“We expect them starting tomorrow or the day after so we are getting everything sanitized and cleaned and ready and hoping they make it safe through,” Ingram said.

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