NEW ORLEANS – A day before candidates officially began qualifying for the mayor’s race, one candidate announced his plans to run using a decidedly unique approach.

Charles O. Anderson released a music video Tuesday announcing his choice to run for mayor, highlighting crime in the city with his rap verses.

“I want nothing more than to kill our killings, it’s what I breathe for,” says Anderson over the beat of 2008’s hit record “Swag Surfin’”.

Anderson said the video wasn’t to jump start a new musical career but to garner more attention to the city’s crime problem.

“I released this video not because I think I can rap or I want to be a rap artist, but because I wanted to ensure that my mayoral bid and more importantly the cause gets the attention of the whole city,” said Anderson in a press release. “I will do anything to make sure that we stop the shootings and killings.”

He has yet to officially qualify for the mayor’s race at the time of this report.