NEW ORLEANS --  A popular Mid-City bar is finding itself caught in the middle of the Confederate monument controversy.

The Holy Ground, located near the Jefferson Davis Monument, said it’s been receiving death threats on social media from pro-monument protesters.

The bar has turned to police and even deactivated its Facebook page, but the protesters say it’s the bar patrons threatening them.

"We're absolutely neutral toward the whole thing,” said one Holy Ground employee, speaking anonymously. “Unfortunately we have been targeted toward a degree on social media."

The bar employee said the business had to remove its Facebook page after receiving an onslaught of negative reviews from monument supporters.  Yelp is currently working to verify all reviews going forward. After coming to The Holy Ground's defense, the Prytania Bar was targeted as well.

Andrew Duncan, known by his Facebook name ‘Black Rebel’, has been encouraging his followers to leave bad reviews on the bar's website. He clarified he does not support death threats.

"No, it wasn't from us," said Duncan.

Confederate monument supporters said they were denied entry into the bar to use the bathroom.

"I said I'll pay you,” said one monument supporter. “And he said your money isn't good here if you're with them," said monument supporter Darryl Nelson.

They also complain bar patrons are harassing them.

"One of the people from the bar came over here and threw a drink at one of our supporters," said monument supporter, Arlene Barnum.

Bar employees said they're working to keep the peace between the two clashing groups.

"If they make comments we say knock it off, this is not a political platform, this is a business and that's all we want to be," he said.

However, with negative reviews and threats continuing to pour in, employees are ready to see the protesters leave.

"We just want it to go back to normal," said the employee.

People who work at the bar said they no longer allow glass bottles outside the bar and have been working with NOPD to keep things calm. Monument supporters said they’ve filed police reports over some of the interactions they’ve had with customers at the bar.