METAIRIE -- Bridal stores across the country are feeling the impact after the bridal retail giant Alfred Angelo unexpectedly closed.

Several local bridal stores in Metairie carried the Angelo line and are now left trying to get customers their dresses. In Baton Rouge, Alfred Angelo employees like Chelsie Wilbon went to work and learned they no longer had a job.

"Our manager didn't look right and I said 'are you ok?' And she said 'no, today's our last day and we have to be out of here by 6,'" Wilbon said.

Sixty different Alfred Angelo locations across the country shut their doors, leaving brides locked out and employees suddenly without work.

"It was devastating," Wilbon said. "We don't know what's going to happen to our brides, we don't know what's going to happen to our bridal parties and they just kind of left us hanging."

Local bridal stores that carry the line were also left without information, like Pearl's Place Bridal Boutique in Metairie.

"Hopefully everyone is getting their dresses," owner Courtney Schulman said. "We're awaiting a response from Alfred Angelo's which we have not received."

About 40 customers are now without dresses and it's unclear if Angelo's will be sending gowns that were already ordered.

"We're not holding out too much hope anymore, but I don't know they could," Jordan Schulman said.

Former employees and local business owners say the lack of transparency is upsetting.

"They could have told us something, give us a heads up that's all," Wilbon said.

Courtney Schulman agreed.

"Thirty years in the industry I've never seen anything like this happen," she said.

Dealing with uncharted territory, local businesses are doing what they can.

"We will take care of everyone, we will not leave anyone without dresses for their special day," Courtney said.

Former employees are left wishing the company had treated them and its customers better.

"Let us know," Wilbon said. "Give us that courtesy. No one wants to walk into work and hear 'hey you don't have a job anymore.'"

Pearl's Place said if they cannot get customers their dresses from Angelos, they'll refund customers or allow them to switch to a different designer.