NEW ORLEANS – Local pastors at many Baptist churches are sharing their reaction after learning more than 20 people were killed in a church shooting.

Pastors say they are disgusted, but not surprised to learn about the deadly shooting that took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday.

Pastor C.S. Gordon with New Zion Baptist church in Central City believes that something needs to be done after learning the gunman also killed a pregnant woman and several children.

"I mean when have you heard of such actions taking place, especially in a house of worship," Gordon said.

In order to make sure his congregation feels safe, he hired security especially after the shooting in South Carolina where nine people were killed.

"I think we have to understand we need the lord's protection, as believers we need that and understand that, but we also need to take the necessary precautions," Gordon said.

Bishop Darryl Brister with Beacon Light International Baptist Cathedral says he even has New Orleans Police providing security at service.

"We are having detailed police officers that we pay multiple times a week just to provide the security in the minds of people as they come to worship,” Brister said.

Brister knows from firsthand experience that people will do anything at church as his church was burglarized.

"Ministry equipment that was taken and stolen, so it showed us that unfortunately, we're living in the time where people have lost the sacredness of God's house,” Brister said.

While detectives are piecing together what lead to the shooting, pastors are hoping to help others.

"We can convert the hearts of so many individuals from the way of the world to that which is the love and compassion of Jesus Christ," Brister said.

Bishop Brister says he plans to train his leadership team at the beginning of next year with a mock shooting training exercise so they are prepared in case of an emergency.