NEW ORLEANS- The news that President Donald Trump is creating a new strategy for Afghanistan does not come as a shock to Dillard University's Political Science Coordinator, Dr. Gary Clark.

"When you look at the status of security, the question is not to be at war and to have peace. That's the primary goal," Dr. Clark said.

Dr. Clark says although America brought thousands of troops home during President Obama's administration, the threat from terrorist organizations, he says, lingers.

"The dilemma that we have in that part of the world is it is a safe haven for those individuals that do not mean America well. Whether it be the Taliban, whether it be Al-Qaeda or other Islamic Terrorist groups. How do you withdraw and not participate, but at the same time protect your own national interest which is to give peace and security to your people," Dr. Clark said.

President Trump outlined his strategy concerning Afghanistan, as well as his concerns with Pakistan and Iraq.

"We cannot repeat a mistake in Afghanistan like our leaders made in Iraq," President Trump said.

Dr. Clark says there are also other concerns to our national security. One being our uncertainties with Russia.

"They are not a friend to the United States. But, even though they are an adversary, they still don't have the same economic huff. The economic power that the United States has. However, they have military might. So, that's something you have to reckon with and must deal with," Dr. Clark said.

Then there's North Korea.

"At a minimum, they are a political threat. They are not a military threat, but they are a political threat because they are a threat to the stability of this particular administration. They know and understand that if you talk tough, act tough and demonstrate that you're tough, you can get concessions from the United States. And that is their goal," Dr. Clark said.

The dilemma of Afghanistan has now stretched onto a third president. Based on the president's words tonight, the fight in that country will not be unconditional.

"Our commitment is not unlimited. And our support is not a blank check," Trump said.