NEW ORLEANS -- There's another place that's almost as popular as Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras night: steak houses.

Lines are out the door as people get in one last indulgent meal before Lent.

"We're going to eat a lot of steak,” Paul Varisco said. “I tried to order a porter house for three but my wife says she can only eat for two."

It’s become a tradition.

"We always enjoy coming to Crescent City to enjoy the steaks and comradery after Mardi Gras Parades,” Shannon Chabaud said.

Others go for the people watching.

"It's outstanding you get to come in and see what everyone has been doing today, everyone is in their costumes,” Lee McLemore said.

Wednesday many willing be giving up things for Lent.

"All my sweets, soft drinks, potato chips and some liquor, I haven't decided which one yet we'll decide that later,” Varisco said.

Monday night is all about good drinks, good food and good people.

"We'll enjoy a wonderful steak, have a great time and we know a lot of people here so it's a great time,” Varisco said.

The owner of Crescent City Steaks said Mardi Gras is one of the busiest times of the year. The wait for a table all evening was at least an hour.